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The Lewes Public Arts Commission


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Our Plan

For the next five years, the Committee for Public Arts in Lewes will focus on three broad categories of projects that will help ensure that public art plays a visible, leadership role in shaping the city’s future. 

We plan to commission projects of the highest possible artistic merit with support from our communities and city leadership.

We believe Public Art shall reflect the City’s efforts to build a green, sustainable future.

We believe Public Art shall celebrate the City as a “creative destination.” 

We believe Public Art shall be woven into the City’s civic and community fabric to support our core values.

We believe Public Art shall help build the City’s identity.

To achieve our goals in the near term we shall:

Focus on education for ourselves, and the community.

Develop a long range plan of opportunity and interest.

Support community arts events.


Our Mission Statement 

The mission of the Lewes Committee for Public Art is to integrate a wide range of quality art with public spaces in and around the City of Lewes. The Committee shall strive to elevate a sense of energy in the City by encouraging work offered to challenge and stimulate local dialogue.  The committee shall promote visual arts to celebrate and/or frame spaces that are uniquely Lewes. Our mission shall be to raise the profile of Lewes as an arts destination.  The committee sees our responsibility to be to ensure quality in our projects and that nothing offensive becomes part of the City arts landscape. In the future we hope to commission a major piece of art, or perhaps a sculpture garden, that will contribute to Lewes becoming a desirable arts destination.

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How we work


We will provide opportunities for us all to learn about the qualities of public art that make it stimulating and effective in creating dialog in the community.



We will be searching for locations and vistas available now and in the future to weave Art into the daily passages of out population.


Public comissions

We will be revising proposals from the public for art projects on City land.

We may in the future also search out artists to fulfill certain commissions for the town.




Currently our Committee consists of

Barry Dunkin

Denise Emery

Tony Boyd Heron

Carole Somers

Clifford Diver / chair


Cliff, Denise, Barry, Carole, and Tony bond on an educational expedition to Philadelphia.


Ex Officio Members

Rob Morgan

Ann Marie Townshend

Allison Kirk

Jacky Doherty



We are trying to make some.

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We meet the 4th Tuesday of each month at 9:30. Join us.


Philadelphia Trip

The Public Arts Commission took a field trip to Philadelphia,  May 17, 2019

Attending: Cliff Diver (Chair), Denise Emery, Tony Boyd-Heron, Barry Dunkin, and Carole Somers.

Purpose:   To visit, observe, experience and evaluate public art in Philadelphia with an eye towards what might work in Lewes.

The group spent the day in Philadelphia visiting various public artworks in the city.  Our purpose was to get a grasp of what worked and what did not and why so we can guide a successful public arts initiative in Lewes.

We started at Ben Franklin’s house (or the lack thereof) and proceeded through the historic area up to The City Hall and its plethora of Pop art offerings.  After a break at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art we meandered up Ben Franklin Parkway past dozens of art pieces both tucked away on private property, and placed right along the sidewalks 

Exploring the space of BenFranklins Print shop

Exploring the space of BenFranklins Print shop

A modern sculpture honoring a historical Genius

A modern sculpture honoring a historical Genius

We saw things everywhere

We saw things everywhere


Things we observed and learned

Everyone felt the trip was beneficial, stimulating, and thought provoking.   We came to several common conclusions:

·      Public Art clearly can enhance a visitors experience to a town and stimulate an appreciation of different spaces while giving a historical context.

·      Public art appreciation benefits from a wide range of mediums is important. Diversity in artworks appeals to a wide range of individuals with a variety of tastes. and juxtaposition enhances the experience.

·      Contemporary art can co-exist with old architecture.

·      Placement is critical.  3-D pieces must have room to breathe.   People should be able to walk around them and experience them from several vantage points.

·      Consideration of volume in the outdoor arena requires well conceived pedestals

·      Water elements add a wonderful reflective and peaceful element to artworks.

·      Art should be placed in well-traveled areas to town to be best appreciated. Attention to eye level encounters should be considered in a pedestrian environment.

A fountain by the Barns

A fountain by the Barns


Our Process is totally dependent on Public participation


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